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Saying YES to a challenging adventure!

Down the rabbit-holePosted by Pernille Bernitt Sommer Wed, December 27, 2017 16:01:54

Am I a sports enthusiast? I wouldn’t exactly put it that way, but telling myself that I’m not, I will for sure never be. Point is, that I’m not telling myself that I am, nor am I telling myself that I’m not. Am I adventurous? Well, I don’t know how to reply to that one either. Sleeping in a tent in The Outback, or bungee jumping from a bridge is probably not, what I would do as a first, but meeting up with strangers across continents, quit my job to write a novel, dare to show and share how I feel about something or somebody, and take spontaneous trips to (for me) unknown land and write about it, I would do. I don’t know what would be defined as most adventurous, if any of it, but it really doesn’t matter. Being adventurous can be many things. What matters is, that my life feels like an adventure worth living.

When my brother (in team with two other entrepreneurs) founded and developed the sports tracking app Endomondo, he used to say to me: If I can get you to use my app, I can get anyone to use it.” That was (except from being funny!) quite spot on. Tracking my exercise (as I didn’t really exercise) never crossed my mind. That being said, I used to be very active while growing up. Something changed, when I entered the music academy. For some reasons I stopped doing sports and workouts, - I guess I actually stopped being me, but that’s another story. Recently I started tracking my exercise, and if you want to know why, keep reading.

This summer I had the pleasure to meet a very inspiring, adventurous and open-minded person, who kind of blew fresh energy into what once used to be in my bones. Then one month ago I went off to London to find myself in a room full of people with that same ability to bring and exchange good vibes and fresh energy. People that are do’ers, and people who believe, that anything is possible, if you choose to say YES.

Now when having reconnected with that almost forgotten side of me, let’s call it ”the YES-side”, it makes me want to set up goals for myself, and SAY YES MORE to things, I would really like to do, or things I would love to be part of or associated with. Not only for the sake of an outcome or result, but also for the adventure itself and the personal development along the way. I want to challenge the stories I keep telling myself about myself, like: ”I’m that kind of person, who does this and not that ….”. I have realized (and not only in my mind), that the stories we keep telling ourselves about ourselves make us who we are. So the only question is, what story do I want to tell myself about myself?

In other words:

If you want to change, change your story. It’s a choice.

Therefore I have decided to challenge myself by doing something, I have never done before, but really would love to do:

In February I’m going to cross The Atlas Mountains to The Sahara Desert by bike!

It takes a pretty good shape (I know!), BUT if I really want to do it, I can do it! Right?

Taking spin classes for the first time in my life, makes it already a Yes-story! During class my spin instructor keeps saying to me (read: shouting!):

”It’s all in your head, you can do it, if you want to!”

And I want to … believe me, I really want to! But I have to admit, that to me it’s not only in my head, but also a whole lot in my legs, my butt and in my lungs (which I need to pick up from the floor everytime I finish a workout!). But I know he is right. It’s a decision I need to make, wether I want to do it or not.

The challenge in Morocco will not only include the hardships of cycling. Sleeping in a tent in The Sahara Desert (the socalled adventurous thing I actually DIDN’T want to do as a first) will also be a part of the trip. MEANING: The possibilities (or let’s call it for what it is: risks) for creepy-crawly species are frighteningly big. BUT, as a YES-woman, I won’t let that fear of mine hold me back from experiencing a unique adventure (for your information, I need to reread this last sentence everyday and all the time to keep myself on track!)

Lately I have seen pictures from a similar trip (also cycling, also Morocco), and I can’t help it: I simply want to do that too! It seems like freedom to me. The incredible blue sky, the reddish, dusty landscape decorated with palm trees and small villages, the wide open scenery with nearly no people, and then the fact, that I will have to travel by human power.

I only have 7 weeks left to get in shape! Do you want to join?

If I can do it, you can do it!

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